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鲁迅简介英文版PPT 鲁迅简介英文版PPT

这是一个关于鲁迅简介英文版PPT,主要介绍了Lu Xun is honoured by the people as the soul of the Chinese nation .While commemorating Lu Xun First Death Anniversary ,Chairman Mao called him the sage of modern China等内容。鲁迅[1](1881.9.25~1936.10.19),浙江绍兴人,原名周樟寿,后改名周树人,字豫才、豫亭,浙江绍兴人,出身于封建官僚家庭。笔名鲁迅(Lution)源于革命revolution。伟大的无产阶级文学家、思想家、革命家。1904年初,入仙台医科专门学医,后从事文艺创作,希望以此改变国民被麻木的精神。辛亥革命后,曾任南京临时政府和北京政府教育部部员、佥事等职,兼在北京大学、女子师范大学等校授课。1918年5月,首次用“鲁迅”的笔名,发表中国现代文学史上第一篇白话小说《狂人日记》,奠定了新文学的基石,后与《阿Q正传》、《药》、《故乡》等小说名篇一同收入小说集《呐喊》。毛泽东主席评价鲁迅为伟大的无产阶级文学家、思想家、革命家、评论家、作家,是中国文化革命的主将、中华民族精神的发扬人。


Lu Xun – mirror of China
Lu Xun is honoured by the people as the soul of the Chinese nation .While commemorating Lu Xun First Death Anniversary ,Chairman Mao called him the sage of modern China.
Brief Introduction
Life and Works
After a case of bribery was exposed - in which Zhou Fuqing tried to procure an office for his son, Lu Xun's father, Zhou Boyi - the family fortunes declined. Meanwhile, young Zhou Shuren was brought up by an elderly servant Ah Chang in the countryside.He regarded the simple and honest relationship with the rural children as the happiest memory in his life.
His father's chronic illness and eventual death from tuberculosis, persuaded Zhou to study medicine. Distrusting traditional Chinese medicine which failed to cure his father, he went abroad to pursue a Western medical degree at Sendai Medical Academy ,Japan, in 1904.
At the school he struck up a close student-mentor relationship with lecturer Fujino Genkurou
Lu Xun would recall his mentor respectfully and affectionately in an essay "Mr Fujino" in the memoirs in Dawn Blossoms Plucked at Dusk. (Incidentally, Fujino would repay the respect with an obituary essay on Lu Xun's death, in 1937.) However, in March 1906, Lu Xun abruptly terminated his pursuit of the degree and left the college.
One day after class, one of his Japanese instructors screened a lantern slide documenting .Lu Xun was shocked by the complete apathy of the Chinese onlookers after he saw the imminent execution of an alleged Chinese spy during the Russo-Japanese War ; He decided it was more important to cure his compatriots' spiritual ills rather than their physical diseases. He gave up completing his medical education at Sendai.
Lu Xun is typically regarded as the most influential Chinese writer who was associated with the May Fourth Movement. He produced harsh criticism of social problems in China, particularly in his analysis of the "Chinese national character".
A Madman's Diary (Kuangren Riji)
In May 1918, Lu Xun used this pen name for the first time and published the first major baihua short story . It was a scathing criticism of outdated Chinese traditions and feudalism which was metaphorically 'gnawing' at the Chinese like cannibalism.
The True Story of Ah Q
It is a short episodic novella. In the novella, the idea China really needed was what he called "medicine of the spirit", which might mean modernized education and the resulting changes of social habits, is well expressed in an inverted fashion. By presenting the poor living status of masses in China on both material and mental levels, the author tried to make people aware of the gruesome reality facing the Chinese common people. The novella also strongly criticised the alleged historic-cultural burden of China, which was formed by the long history of absolute authority of the feudalist order.
Lu Xun's acclaimed short fiction appeared in three collections between the years 1923 and 1935. He also produced sixteen volumes of essays, reminiscences, prose poetry, historical tales, some sixty classical-style poems, a dozen volumes of scholarly research, and numerous translations. Lu Xun never wrote a novel.
Lu Xun spirit
His militancy .He was a great steadfast tree, Once he saw a political destination clearly ,he strove to reach it, never surrendering or compromising half way. He educated the young writers who followed him.  He taught them to fight resolutely, to be vanguards, and to find their own way .
His readiness to sacrifice himself, completely fearless of enemy intimidation and persecution and utterly unmoved by enemy enticement. Lu Hsun was an absolute realist, always uncompromising, always determined.
Lu Hsun emerged from the decaying feudal society. He used his sardonic, humorous, and sharp pen to depict the force of the dark and rotten society .He was really an accomplished 'painter'. All his life he fought for truth and freedom from the standpoint of the proletariat and national liberation.
We commemorate him not only because he wrote well, becoming a great literary figure, but also because he was a vanguard for national liberation and gave tremendous help to the revolution .



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