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这是化妆步骤英文ppt,包括了purpose of The makeup,The importance of basic makeup,The classification of makeup,Starting with the Basics: Whole Face Brushes,Something to Talk About: Lip Brushes等内容,欢迎点击下载。


purpose of The makeup The importance of basic makeup The classification of makeup There are three kinds of cosmetic classification methods.       According to the nature and purpose of points, makeup can be divided into living beauty make-up, the stage makeup and drama. According to the chromaticity色度, makeup can be divided into light make-up and thick make-up. According to the changes in temperature, makeup can be divided into warm and cold makeup. According to the nature and purpose of life,makeup can be divided as beauty Life makeup makeup. 生活妆 舞台化妆 舞台化妆 戏剧化妆 Theatrical makeup is used in the requirement of the script, film and television play to the role of make-up. 暖妆 Generally, tonal changes in temperature is able to directly by instinct feeling, use warm color makeup generally give a person with kind, happy, or are easily accessible, such as the bride makeup, makeup of the candy theme color always warm. 冷妆 Use the cool makeup generally give a person the sense with elegant, individual character, as some cool color department sootiness makeup, or compare white powder with a pink lip color. 淡妆 浓妆 浓妆 BEAUTY ESSENTIALS Even if you buy the most expensive cosmetics, you still need the right tools to have picture-perfect make-up. We have put together a list of must-have make-up tools that every woman should own. Starting with the Basics: Whole Face Brushes When a woman begins her makeup routine, the first step is applying base makeup to the entire face. This includes in order, premier, foundation, conclear (遮瑕膏), powder and blush. In professional makeup application ,each of these products is applied using a different brush or sponge for optimal effect. However, most women do not use all of these products and, if they do, they tend to cross the types of brushes used to save time and money, which is perfectly acceptable. However, it is prudent to at least cover the use of the two most popular types of makeup brush from this category: the foundation brush(粉底刷) and the blush brush(腮红刷). How to Use a Foundation Brush Contrary to popular belief, a foundation brush can be used with either cream (liquid) or powder foundation. It can also be used to apply primer before foundation if a user does not have a separate primer brush or sponge. The benefit of using a foundation brush is that it allows for a more natural blending effect on the face as opposed to the effect created by applying foundation with the fingers or a sponge. Foundation brushes have a flat head with dense short bristles designed to give the user control over the application of the product. It is best to start applying foundation in the “T” zone and then work outward to create the blending effect. Blending is accomplished by pulling the foundation from that central zone of the face to the outside regions using a wide circular motion. How to Use a Blush Brush leave color. After applying foundation and concealer, if needed, it is time to move on to the powder and blush phase of base makeup application. Like the foundation brush, the blush brush can be used for more than one product if needed. First, this dome-shaped and soft bristled brush can be used to apply powder to the whole face which will “set” the foundation and concealer for longer wear and eliminate shine. Then, this same brush can be used to apply blush to the apples of the cheeks and forehead in order to give a natural “glow.” Using the blush brush takes a much lighter hand than is used with the foundation brush. Whether applying powder to the whole face or bronzer/blush to only the cheekbones, it is essential to make sure to load the makeup onto the brush properly. This means lightly swirling the brush in the powder and taking care to shake off any excess powder before touching the face. Then, since the purpose of applying blush and powder is highlighting, use a light, sweeping motion to apply the powder to the designated areas. In the case of blush and bronzer, begin with the forehead about an inch below the hairline and in between the eyes. Sweep out from there to either side. For the cheeks, start at the “apple” or upper cheekbone and sweep out towards the ears. The key is to apply these highlights to the places that physically “stick out” or where the sun would naturally hit first and Moving Up: How to Use an Eyeshadow Brush The first step to applying eye makeup is applying the eyeshadow. The purpose of eyeshadow is very different than foundation, which evens skin tone and makes the face blend together. Eyeshadow is designed to make the eyes stand out from the face and is usually among the most colorful of makeup options women use. In addition, eyeshadow can be applied in a solid color or in a blend of complimentary colors available in an eyeshadow palette which requires advanced skills and the use of a. To get started you should make sure that your eyelashes are clean of other make-up, because curlerstend to work best on clean eyelashes. You should use make-up remover to remove old mascara or other make-up. Eyelash curlers work better when they are slightly hot. You can heat them up by gently using a hair dryer. Place the eyelash curler under the blow dryer for approximately five seconds under low heat. After heating, open the eyelash curler and position near the root of your lashes. Hold the eyelash curler at your eyelashes for ten to thirty seconds. Remember the longer the hold time the more curve you will get. As you move up your lashes clamp and unclamp the curlers. Do the same for your other eye.  Something to Talk About: Lip Brushes The final step in professional makeup application is coloring the lips. While most people applying makeup at home will simply apply some lipstick or lip gloss straight from the tube, taking the time to properly apply lip liner and lipstick with a lip brush can both prolong the wear of lipstick as well as provide a much more dramatic effect. 化妆棉 使用化妆棉的用处很多,最主要的用途就是卸妆,因为它的质地很柔软卸妆的时候不容易把脸弄伤,而且倒爽肤水上面用起来很舒服,也会把妆清除得很干净,也是可以用来化装用的妆棉,擦拭化妆水有二次清洁的作用,是护肤不可省略的一步。 化妆的基本步骤 化妆的最基本的步骤是:      打隔离霜-粉底-定妆-画眉-眼影-眼线-涂睫毛膏-打腮红-画唇      这个步骤是最简洁自然的,如果没有太多要求,一般自然妆可以按照这个步骤来化。但是如果要求更精致一点的效果,还可以加一些步骤进去。 淡妆 步骤一  选好后用葫芦棉取适量之后再轻轻地按压在整个脸部,注意在鼻翼两侧等死角位置需要多按压几下。 Makeup skills of brush ● 标准胭脂的位置应该在颧骨上,就是笑时面颊能隆起的部位。 一般情况下,胭脂向上不可高于外眼角的水平线;向下不得底 于嘴角的水平线;向内不超过眼睛的1/2垂直线。当然,胭脂具体的位置和形状要根据脸型和化妆造型的具体情况来确定。 ● 使用胭脂时,切勿沾取过多的胭脂粉。可将沾取了胭脂粉的胭 脂刷在手背上轻轻拍打,将多余的胭脂粉掸掉。 ● 如果胭脂颜色太深,可以在胭脂上面扫些半透明的散粉来减你 胭脂的颜色。 步骤二   大多数美眉的肌肤会有一点点黑眼圈和痘印等瑕疵的,因此我们还需要用遮瑕膏来进行局部按压,打造出净白无瑕的完美肌肤。 Primer - adjust the skin color Purple - suitable for looked bleak(黯淡 ), lacklustre(无光泽) yellow skin Green - suitable for the people face with acne ( 粉刺 )and red blood silk White - suitable for the color of black people who want more white effect Blue - suitable for white, lack of blood, no gloss of skin Gold - allows your skin to the black in the red, glittering and bright again Close to skin color (近肤色)- not with the function of color, but high moisturizing effect 步骤三   底妆的部分打造完毕了,接下来就是眼妆的部分了,我们用大号的粉刷蘸取适量淡绿色眼影轻轻地涂在上眼睑的位置,要从睫毛的根部往上推,眼影的附着才会均匀。 步骤四   然后再就是使用绿色的眼影了,我们用眼影刷蘸取适量之后,用眼影刷的侧面从睫毛的根部开始轻轻地勾勒眼影。 Eye shadow color choices ● Monochrome use单色运用: Use only one color, get elegant natural effect.(只使用一种颜色,可获得淡雅自然的效果。例如,挑选与服饰妆容同一色系的眼影色彩来搭配。) ● Multi use单色运用: use of two or more colors, make eye makeup effects-rich,Three-dimensional, strong sense of hierarchy.(层次感)(动用两种或以上的颜色搭配,可使眼妆效果丰富,立体、层次感强。 ) ● Gradient method渐层法: use similar colors or neighboring color to match the color, make up Softer effect.(选用同类色,类似色或邻近色的颜色进行搭配,妆面效果比较柔和。 ) ● Contrast method对比法: use contrasting colors, complementary colors, or cold and warm colors with each other,demonstrating(表现) lively, youthful, jumping sense(选用对比色,互补色或是冷暖色系的颜色相互搭配可表现出活泼、青春、跳跃的妆感。) 步骤五   眼影的部分打造完毕之后就是眼线的部分了,由于春季肌肤比较容易敏感,在打造眼线的时候选择防水系的眼线产品效果会比较好,画眼线的时候从眼珠的上方开始描画眼线,再往眼头和眼尾描。 Selection of painting pencil The choice of colors    Generally, if eyebrows color is similar to the hair color ,    if your hair color is Slightly lighter Eyebrow makeup color choices but also adjusted according to type of makeup . Basic techniques    press the “3.1“(三点一线) and ”eyebrow length and “brow ridge ” (眉峰)approach to identify brow ridge and eyebrow end locations. Eyebrows with eyebrow pencil tip growth along the square.At the beginning of the brow to brow eyebrow peak is gradually ending at。Rising to the highest brow ridge , brow ridge then at the next place to brow end, eyebrow naturally thin.... 步骤六   接着再用小号的眼影刷蘸取少量淡绿色的眼影,在下眼睑的位置略略晕染一下,起到提亮整个眼眸的作用。 步骤七   再就是睫毛的部分了,我们用电动睫毛夹把自己的睫毛夹卷翘,然后再选择浓密型的睫毛膏顺着睫毛根部往上刷,打造出纤长的美睫 Makeup skills of eyelash ●when painteing upper eyelashes, raising chin(下巴) slightly with eyes down, and then get eyelash brush with another hand and gently lift up the upper eyeline and keep the eyelashes roots exposed. ● when painting lower eyelashes, tightening the chin to the inside,with eyes looking up from the bottom mirrorand vertically put the mascara(染睫毛膏 ) brush on the eyelashes, then swing around the tip(尖端) ● If the lashes appear adhesions(粘连), mascara yet dry in the time available eyelash, comb (梳毛 ) the eyelash to a one apart. ● If you want the effect is more obvious in the first layer of mascara to dry and then painted a second layer of eyelashes shampoo. ● If it is found tainted(污点), using a clean cotton moistened swab to wipe the stain。 步骤八   最后就是唇妆的部分了,我们先用润唇膏润饰唇部,然后用桃粉色唇膏从唇部中间薄涂一层,最后再重复涂抹一层使颜色能分布得更均。 Lips color makeup   The choice of colors   Lip linercolor should be similair to the lipstick color or the color is slightly darker than the lipstick color.   Spring and summer can be lighter, spring and winter can be darker.      Basic techniques Lip peak(唇峰)on the first draw, and then draw from the mouth to the middle; lower lip bottom lip is drawn first, and then draw from the mouth to the middle. Unloading equipment Cleansing is that we need to be stressed, since it is often behind the elaborate makeup, makeup’s importance is easily ignored by people. When the product remains on the skin for too long can cause clogged pores and hinder the normal metabolism of skin furosemide, resulting in dull, long pimples and other issues. Therefore, thorough cleansing is the first step in beautiful skin. Eye Department unloading equipment ● 将化妆棉贴着下眼睑垫在眼下,闭上眼睛,令上睫毛完全接触化妆棉上的卸妆液。(Put the cotton stick under the eyelid pad and close your eyes ,so as to make the eyelash completely touch the cotton of the make up remover ) ● 稍待片刻,用沾取了卸妆液的棉棒,从睫毛根部至梢部仔细清除,逐渐溶解睫毛液。(Waiting a moment, diping cotton stick of  make up stick, then removing carefully from eyelash root to tip, gradually dissolve mascara睫毛液。 ) ● 换一块干净的化妆棉,以同样方法清除下睫毛间的污垢。(Use a clean piece of cotton, with the same method to remove dirt between the next eyelash) Eyeliner unloading equipment    moistening with a little makeup remover on a cotton swab or cotton folded small knuckle from the inside corner to the end of the eye,gently wipe the eyeliner along the lash roots.(用蘸有少许卸妆液的棉棒或化妆棉对折后细小的折角由内眼角至眼梢,沿睫毛根部轻轻擦拭眼线) Makeup before and after Gosh, before marriage First wash her ​​face!!! Thank you!



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