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感恩节中英文ppt素材 感恩节中英文ppt素材



感恩节的故事(The Thanksgiving Story)
Thanksgiving Day in America is a time to offer thanks, of family gatherings and holiday meals. A time of turkeys, stuffing, and pumpkin pie. A time for Indian corn, holiday parades and giant balloons.Thanksgiving is celebrated on the 4th Thursday of November, which this year (2009) is November 26th. 在美国,感恩节是一个感谢恩赐,家庭团聚,合家欢宴的日子;是一个家家餐桌上都有火鸡、填料、南瓜馅饼的日子;是一个充满了印第安玉米、假日游行和巨型气球的日子。每年十一月的最后一个星期四是感恩节,在今年(2009)则是11月26日。下面让我们来看看感恩节的由来吧:
The Pilgrims who sailed to this country aboard the Mayflower were originally members of the English Separatist Church (a Puritan sect). They had earlier fled their home in England and sailed to Holland (The Netherlands) to escape religious persecution. There, they enjoyed more religious tolerance, but they eventually became disenchanted with the Dutch way of life, thinking it ungodly. Seeking a better life, the Separatists negotiated with a London stock company to finance a pilgrimage to America. Most of those making the trip aboard the Mayflower were non-Separatists, but were hired to protect the company's interests. Only about one-third of the original colonists were Separatists.
The Pilgrims set ground at Plymouth Rock on December 11, 1620. Their first winter was devastating. At the beginning of the following fall, they had lost 46 of the original 102 who sailed on the Mayflower. But the harvest of 1621 was a bountiful one. And the remaining colonists decided to celebrate with a feast -- including 91 Indians who had helped the Pilgrims survive their first year. It is believed that the Pilgrims would not have made it through the year without the help of the natives. The feast was more of a traditional English harvest festival than a true "thanksgiving" observance. It lasted three days.
Governor William Bradford sent "four men fowling" after wild ducks and geese. It is not certain that wild turkey was part of their feast. However, it is certain that they had venison. The term "turkey" was used by the Pilgrims to mean any sort of wild fowl.
总督布雷德福派了“四人捕鸟队”去捕捉野鸭和野鹅。我们现在并不能确定是否有野生火鸡在当时的筵席上,但筵席上肯定有鹿肉。当时,朝圣者用 "火鸡"一词来代表各种野禽。
Another modern staple at almost every Thanksgiving table is pumpkin pie. But it is unlikely that the first feast included that treat. The supply of flour had been long diminished, so there was no bread or pastries of any kind. However, they did eat boiled pumpkin, and they produced a type of fried bread from their corn crop. There was also no milk, cider, potatoes, or butter. There was no domestic cattle for dairy products, and the newly-discovered potato was still considered by many Europeans to be poisonous. But the feast did include fish, berries, watercress, lobster, dried fruit, clams, venison, and plums.
This "thanksgiving" feast was not repeated the following year. But in 1623, during a severe drought, the pilgrims gathered in a prayer service, praying for rain. When a long, steady rain followed the very next day, Governor Bradford proclaimed another day of Thanksgiving, again inviting their Indian friends. It wasn't until June of 1676 that another Day of Thanksgiving was proclaimed.
On June 20, 1676, the governing council of Charlestown, Massachusetts, held a meeting to determine how best to express thanks for the good fortune that had seen their community securely established. By unanimous vote they instructed Edward Rawson, the clerk, to proclaim June 29 as a day of thanksgiving. It is notable that this thanksgiving celebration probably did not include the Indians, as the celebration was meant partly to be in recognition of the colonists' recent victory over the "heathen natives," 1676年6月20日,马萨诸塞州的查尔斯顿政府委员会召开了一次会议,讨论如何才能最好表达对主的谢意:主赐予他们好运,庇佑他们安全地建立了他们的邦联。经过意见不统一的投票,由书记爱德华.劳森宣布6月29日为当年的感恩节。值得注意的是,因此次庆典在一定程度上是殖民者对战胜"野蛮的土著人"的庆祝,故印第安人极有可能未参加此次庆典。
October of 1777 marked the first time that all 13 colonies joined in a thanksgiving celebration. It also commemorated the patriotic victory over the British at Saratoga. But it was a one-time affair. George Washington proclaimed a National Day of Thanksgiving in 1789, although some were opposed to it. There was discord among the colonies, many feeling the hardships of a few Pilgrims did not warrant a national holiday. And later, President Thomas Jefferson scoffed at the idea of having a day of thanksgiving.
It was Sarah Josepha Hale, a magazine editor, whose efforts eventually led to what we recognize as Thanksgiving. Hale wrote many editorials championing her cause in her Boston Ladies' Magazine, and later, in Godey's Lady's Book. Finally, after a 40-year campaign of writing editorials and letters to governors and presidents, Hale's obsession became a reality when, in 1863, President Lincoln proclaimed the last Thursday in November as a national day of Thanksgiving.
若没有萨拉·J·黑尔――一位杂志编辑的努力,最终就不会有我们现在所谓的感恩节。在她主编的"波士顿妇女杂志"及稍后的"Godey's 女士手册"中,她撰写了大量的社论,支持将感恩节定为全国性节日。40年中,她坚持不懈地发表评论,不断致信州长乃至总统,最后,理想终于变为现实:1863年,林肯总统发表声明,将11月的最后一个星期四定为感恩节――一个全国性的节日。
Thanksgiving was proclaimed by every president after Lincoln. The date was changed a couple of times, most recently by Franklin Roosevelt, who set it up one week to the next-to-last Thursday in order to create a longer Christmas shopping season. Public uproar against this decision caused the president to move Thanksgiving back to its original date two years later. And in 1941, Thanksgiving was finally sanctioned by Congress as a legal holiday, as the fourth Thursday in November.



感恩节的详细介绍ppt模板课件:这是一个关于感恩节的详细介绍ppt模板课件,这是一个什么是感恩节?感恩节的来历?感恩节的庆祝方式?感恩节的习俗,感恩节游行图片,感恩节购物,黑色星期五的来历?感恩节最具代表性的食物?感恩节节日食谱。餐桌的布置,总统放生火鸡仪式,感恩节聚会,感恩节节日游戏。感恩节的详细介绍ppt模板。感恩,《现代汉语词典》的解释:对别人所给的帮助表示感激,是对他人帮助的回报。 11月的第四个星期四是感恩节。感恩节是美国人民独创的一个古老节日,也是美国人合家欢聚的节日,因此美国人提起感恩节总是备感亲切。感恩节是美国国定假日中最地道、最美国式的节日(holiday),它和早期美国历史最为密切相关。更多内容,欢迎点击下载感恩节的详细介绍ppt模板课件哦。





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